The island of Capri, the pearl of the Gulf of Naples, full of fascinating sights, the most beautiful in the world, deserves to be explored by boat, rocked by the sea, to admire its most precious treasures.
The excursion includes a complete tour of the island to allow you to better appreciate its beautiful scenery, such as stacks, including the countless caves, the White Grotto, the Green Grotto and the Blue Grotto and the legendary “Tiberius’s Leap” , a place that, according to legend, was used by the emperor to throw down the rocks, disobedient servants and unwelcome guests.

In addition to eye candy, the boat tour includes several stops to enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters and possibly a walking tour on the island for a break in the square, a walk in via Camerelle, the main shopping street of Capri to visit many incredible attractions that the island offers.
Our skipper will be happy to recommend the best local restaurants for an unforgettable meal.


Sorrento, Nerano and Positano

If Positano can be enchanted by land, by sea the show is truly amazing. The colors of the houses, taken together, give the feeling of being in front of a painting depicting an enchanted place, a modern crib set in a seaside village, with bougainvillea flowers that cover the roofs of houses and pergolas along the alleys, while the mosaic of the majestic dome of the Santa Maria Assunta asked blends smoothly with a wonderful natural scenery.

The excursion departs from Sorrento and goes along the coast of Massa Lubrense, to Punta Campanella, the extreme edge of the Sorrento Peninsula, where the coast bows to the sea. From here the scenery continues with bays, caves and uncontamined small beaches, away from the mass tourism.

Positano is preceded by the famous bay of Nerano, where you can not miss a stop to admire the long stretch of beach with its seaside restaurants, renowned for the typical Mediterranean cuisine made from fresh fish, where you can stop for lunch during excursion. After leaving Nerano, there is a trip around the islets “Li Galli” also called “Sirens”, because, according to legend, at that point Ulysses was able to resist the Sirens’ singing and these, for the humiliation, they turned into stones.
Once in Positano you can decide to make a stop to visit the village and maybe some shopping before heading to Sorrento.


Amalfi Coast

Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Amalfi Coast is one of the 50 Italian sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.A setting of incomparable beauty, with bays, coves and picturesque glimpses that houses some real pearls of the Mediterranean, such as Positano and Amalfi.

The sights are many, especially by boat, free to be able to stop wherever you want for a dip in these waters. From the Bay of Nerano, then moved to the islands “Li Galli”, reaching all the villages which are located from Positano to Amalfi, like Praiano and Maiori, a unique and exciting excursion.

On request we can arrange a lunch break in Nerano or Amalfi itself, where in addition to the view you can also delight your palate with typical dishes of the traditional cuisine.

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Ischia, giro dell’Isola

Ischia, l’isola dove si canta, si beve e si fischia! Conosciuta anche come “isola verde” per la lussureggiante vegetazione che la contraddistingue, Ischia è ricca di spiagge sabbiose, vere e proprie oasi naturali, dal fascino misterioso per la loro origine vulcanica. Ischia, oltre ad essere una famosa località balneare, è anche molto conosciuta per le sue risorse termali e per i famosi giardini della Mortella, dove è possibile ammirare piante provenienti da diverse parti del mondo.

Durante l’escursione vi accompagneremo alla scoperta delle principali attrazioni dell’isola, quali: il villaggio di Forio, racchiuso tra Punta Imperatore e Punta Caruso, il borgo di Sant’Angelo e la Baia di San Montano.

Sull’isola ci si fermerà anche per il pranzo e per un giro a piedi, dopo il quale si ripartirà alla volta di Sorrento.

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Sorrento – Procida

Procida, volcanic island, where it is still easy to recognize in its typical half-moon bays, traces of ancient craters. Admiring the sea will have the opportunity to see the beauty of all colors, from yellowish rocks that blend with a gray ash tuff for variants that make up, then, looking up, one is struck by the vivid Color of housing that blend perfectly with the rich vegetation that adorns the island, creating a typical Mediterranean architecture spontaneous. A natural spectacle that ends up at himself in a crystal clear sea.

The landscapes by the rare charm, its villages and the historical events took place on the island of Ischia make it a popular tourist destination. The boat trip will give you a unique experience, with privileged views of the castle of the medieval village of Terra Murata, the picturesque fishing port of Marina Corricella, the tourist port of Chiaiolella, the “facades” of Marina Grande and the Lighthouse.

During the tour it will stop for lunch and a walk around the island, after which you will leave in the direction of Sorrento.



The excursion lasting 3 h will depart from the port of Sorrento with navigation along the Sorrento coast including bays and caves until you reach the vicinity of the island of Capri, where the craft will be positioned to be lulled by the waves and the song of the sea and you can see the magnificent sunset on the island of Ischia, sipping an aperitif with snacks.

This romantic tour is ideal to celebrate an engagement, an anniversary or a special moment. Highly recommended for lovers of natural beauty.
The tour will end with the return to Sorrento scheduled time.