Positano: what to see? If you are charmed by the Amalfi Coast, you cannot fail to visit this extraordinary place at least once in your life. Positano is an ancient seaside village, which has become one of the most elegant and well-known climatic resorts of the Amalfi Coast, which rises in a stupendous and suggestive panoramic position along one of the most beautiful coastal stretches of the Sorrento peninsula, and precisely in the center of the bay between Punta Germano and Subtle Boss. All around, from the crown, the verdant Monte Comune, Santa Maria del Castello, S. Angelo a tre Pizzi, Canocchia, Campo dei Galli and Paipo rise.

Its inhabited area, unique of its kind because it was conceived on a vertical axis, climbs up, in an incredible pyramid, on a buttress of the Lattari Mountains, spreading out like a fan on splendid terraces that degrade into a romantic cove, giving it the characteristic physiognomy of a nativity scene : a seductive dream of small white houses leaning on each other and suspended between sea and sky, of oasis of oriental palm trees, of scrub and citrus groves in the characteristic terraces, almost defying the force of gravity; and then the cobalt blue sea that always manages to renew itself by inventing new embroideries between overhanging rocks that merge with dark and very fine beaches.



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