Procida is one of the most significant examples of that sui generis way of building which is Mediterranean architecture. Less than an hour by hydrofoil from Naples, the “island of Arturo” (here the ferry and hydrofoil timetables for Procida) is certainly less famous than nearby Ischia. Tourism, in Procida, is a relatively recent discovery and, above all, it is not the main economic activity. The jobs of the sea (navigation and fishing), together with the public employment (on and off the island) continue to be the main sources of income, even if things are slowly beginning to change.

The tourist take-off of Procida passes through the enhancement of Palazzo D’Avalos, within the village of Terra Murata. Here for many years there was a prison in which life sentences and common criminals stayed. Decommissioned in 1988, it was acquired from the municipal assets only in 2013 with the intention of making it a hotel and museum center capable of attracting investments and generating income. For more information (calendar, routes, reservations, etc.) on the guided tour of the former prison The village of Terra Murata is a must for anyone visiting Procida. The wonderful panorama with the view of Corricella is one of the most fascinating reasons. Not the only one, however.
Do not miss the monastery of Santa Margherita, acquired as a municipal heritage by the state property. A little further down from the Monastery of Santa Margherita is the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie. Coming down from Terra Murata a visit to this beautiful church is definitely worth doing. To realize the global fame now achieved by Corricella, it is enough to consider that in 2015 Apple, closely followed by Microsoft, advertised their respective products (iPhones and tablets) with the sea image of this beautiful village. A global advertising at no cost that says a lot about the charm of this small marina, not surprisingly, chosen by Massimo Troisi and Michael Radford to shoot several scenes of “Il Postino di Neruda”, the film-testament of the Neapolitan actor who died prematurely in 1994. A visit that leaves you breathless.



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